Extra Salty

Extra Salty

Have you ever driven past a cattle pasture & noticed a tub just inside the gate?! Tubs ranging from old bathtubs/sinks to metal tubs to blue plastic tubs like this pic are often used for "salting" cattle.

Cattle in North America thrive with added salt/mineral to their foraging diet. They naturally crave salt, so it can be used to coax them in for a count & health check, or to move them to a different pasture.

This year we are trying a new product which has garlic powder mixed in with the salt - no real big concerns about vampires here - but studies show that garlic powder in the diet greatly reduces fly pressure on cattle. The hope is that this will allow us to use less fly spray to keep our cattle healthy & happy through the Northern Ontario fly season.

If garlic can keep the pesky flies away, it's no wonder they tell you to avoid it on a first date!

Here's hoping it works

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