hay what?!!

hay what?!!

Cattle farming in a Northern climate means that as cattle are thriving all summer out on pasture, we are working to produce feed so that cattle can thrive all next winter.

The great majority of our feed production here on Manitoulin Island are perennial forages, known as hay. Hay being a catchall term referring to grasses & legumes growing together. Grasses which we grow are: fescue, orchard, brome & timothy. Legumes which we grow are: alfalfa, trefoil & red clover.

Perennial hay crops are an awesome benefit to the environment for a number of reasons, including: carbon sequestration, soil health & biodiversity (specially for pollinators!)

We will spend the majority of the summer (weather permitting!) out in our hay fields, bringing in feed for our cattle to prepare for those cold winter months.  Hay has a huge range of nutrient quality & production quantity depending on the field, the farm & of course the weather, so we are constantly looking for ways to improve.... it can be a humbling pursuit!

If you have any questions about our farm, you can email grandview.manitoulin@gmail.com, or use the "contact us" page of this site. If you want to find us over the next few weeks, we will be "haying", the best way to spend a summer day!

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