what is our perfect day you ask?

what is our perfect day you ask?

Today was the day we have been looking for -- the PERFECT Grandview winter weather day!

What made today so perfect? -10 with sun and no wind is exactly what we look for.

Todays conditions were cold enough to firm the ground up, reducing mud and bacteria, without increasing the caloric needs of the cattle too greatly or making access to water too challenging. win-win!

So far this winter the weather has challenged our conventional winter feeding grounds, with extremely mild conditions and lots of precipitation so we are hoping for consistently colder weather to come.. despite these mild/wet conditions, cattle health has been excellent and efficiency remains a priority.

If you have any questions about how we winter cattle, feel free to give us a shout at grandview.manitoulin@gmail.com, through the contact us page on this website, or through Instagram (@grandview.manitoulin). We always love talking cattle and sharing our experiences.

'til next time!

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